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28 Feb 2020

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Cyber Warfare

Due the advancement of the internet cyber warfare becoming increasingly common and dangerous hazard to the digital world. Cyber warfare is a board term that explains the technological force among cyberspace. It is just like a simply digital attacks like computer virus or hacking by country to create a vital destruction or may be death. Use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of state and organization especially the deliberate attacking of information systems for strategic or military purposes is referred to cyber warfare. Whether it is a cyber warfare attack or not is considered according to the several factors like identity of the attacker, what they did, how they did and how much damage. But the individual attacker or group are not considered as cyber warfare and states support for them to create those attacks. Some governments made this as an important role in their military strategies. Although cyber warfare are hard threats they may be soft as espionage and propaganda.

The problem with these are it very hard to find who did this. But mostly attackers take the responsibility after happen and sometimes they aren�t do that. Imagine you wake up with a cyberattack in your country. All the data stored in the government destroyed like birth certificates, health information, education related documents and much more, power supply and water supply disabled, transport system not in work and immigration purposes canceled. This seems unreal. But this may be going happen in such condition. If there a question that anyone may go under cyber warfare and answer is yes.

How cyber weapons work

Nations build their digital armies and they need arm those armies. That means developing new types of weapons. State sponsored cyber warfare sometimes use tools as criminal hackers and sometimes same victim need further more. As a result state sponsored attacker used old hacker standby of denial of service attack. UK�s GCHQ attack is this kind of Cyber Warfare attack. There a big difference between military grade cyber weapons and hacking tools is the most complicated digital weapons want to break things. The weapons used to create real physical damage are most expensive to build and have very short shelf life.

5G is the fifth generation (thus, the "G") of mobile wireless systems, a way for devices, both mobile and stationary, to send and receive data without being plugged into a wall in your home or at the office. Typically, a new generation is named (sometimes retroactively) when it denotes a significant leap in wireless mobile technologies. 5G might enable driverless cars, delivery drones, and may even replace the WiFi in your home and office.

Cyber warfare examples

A recent example comes from Russia - a country implicated of many and various cyberattacks in the country. Russia is accused to escalate many cyber-attacks against Ukraine. It included the black energy attack that cut the power of 70 000 homes in country in 2015. Also the Notpetya malware which called ransomware but it made to destroy whole system. North Korea, which generated headlines on its nuclear-minded and tempestuous diplomatic relationship with the US, was also active in cyberspace. North Korea state is linked to the dangerous hacking organization named HIDDEN COBRA, also known as the Lazaro Group. The Sony hack in 2014 and the hack of Bangladeshi Bank both pinned by those hackers.

Cyber warfare examples

It is very important to have better and well trained cyber security and micro electrical security experts in military and others. That means more familiar with cyber space and flexible people as they can response innovative and complex attacks. The government need to dedicate more funds for the development and betterment of IT infrastructure. Apart from that have to grants business in important institute like hospitals and banks for advance their cyber defense. Awareness programs for people is very essential as they should aware about potential threat.

There is no any international law for cyber warfare. So the legal states of cyber warfare blurred. But cyber warfare is not covered by law[10]. Lack of sufficient legal framework cause grey area in some states planning to exploit. Those grey area began shrink recently. Then the scholars get together and explain how international law affect to cyber warfare. This is the base of Tallinn Manual. The scholars made a book and backed to NATO-affiliated Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCoE). The first version of this is about cyber-attacks and second edition needs to build legal framework. This represents when violation of international law in cyber space and how the state respond. There are 154 rules in the manual and consist how lawyers think about international law can be applied in cyber warfare

Finally cyber warfare is already here and it will continue for future. The objective of this article is as explained above to give understanding about cyber warfare, attacks related and future targets. Every person should have good understanding about these things as it will become serious problem in future too.
















  FBI Cyber Crime Report Shows the Weakness of Password Protection


"For my previous column, I demonstrated how quickly modern hacker tools could crack weak passwords, and why in some cases, the government probably shouldn�t rely on passwords at all. This week, there is even more evidence to support this claim as the FBI has released its latest report on internet crime.........."


To Protect Data, Organizations Must Stop Being �Cloud Dumb�


"As we head into 2020, there�s little doubt that the organizations across the globe and the US Federal government has become increasingly reliant upon the public cloud as a core component of digital transformation. The recent award of the controversial Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract is but one example. IDC predicts that 49% of the world�s stored data will reside in the public cloud by 2025. The United States has had a �Cloud First� policy since 2011, which recently evolved into a �Cloud Smart� policy. .........."


Hackers Could Shut Down Satellites�or Turn Them into Weapons


'Last month, SpaceX became the operator of the world�s largest active satellite constellation. As of the end of January, the company had 242 satellites orbiting the planet with plans to launch 42,000 over the next decade. This is part of its ambitious project to provide internet access across the globe. The race to put satellites in space is on, with Amazon, U.K.-based OneWeb and other companies chomping at the bit to place thousands of satellites in orbit in the coming months........'

Month in Brief
Facebook Incidents Reported to Sri Lanka CERT|CC in January 2020


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End-to-End Encryption and Law Enforcement Access to Data Can Coexist, Justice Official Says

'Tech companies could provide keys to decrypt information to third-party entities, a senior Justice official said, describing one way the private sector might enable law enforcement�s warranted access to encrypted data for criminal investigations while preserving privacy under a legal framework.......'

Encryption and a New Paradigm for Security�s Data-Centric Future

"On December 26, after more than four years of deliberation, the U.S. government issued a ruling modernizing and unifying the role of end-to-end encryption in securing sensitive data and enabling cloud modernization. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations� new encryption rule promises to dramatically improve data security while lowering costs and enhancing the productivity of our defense industrial base. ........."

As Coronavirus Spreads, So Does Covid-19 Themed Malware

�Threat actors are still taking advantage of the ongoing COVID-19 global outbreak by attempting to drop Remcos RAT and malware payloads on their targets' computers via malicious files that promise to provide Coronavirus safety measures........�
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