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   ISSUE 34

22 May 2014

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Preventing Technology Addiction, Ways and Methods

In this series I�m going to discuss what is technology addiction, what makes technology addictive, what are the consequences being addicted to the technology, ways to prevent being addicted to the technology. Throughout the series, I will use plenty of simple examples as much as possible for your easy understanding.
Could you find a small grocery shop in a remote village without an electronic calculator on the cashier's table? Similarly, could you find a person who does not have a mobile phone today? In my opinion, the answer for both the questions is �Very difficult to find�. I believe, as the reader, you agree with this answer. However, what do I really mean here?


Technology exists everywhere and every corner.
Next, we look at another aspect of the question of the calculator. As you know, a basic electronic calculator is a device that provides simple arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of decimal numbers touching of few buttons. Though some advanced calculators provide more functions, I just focus on a basic calculator in this scenario.
Here is the challenge. If you use a calculator all the time to perform your daily calculations, the day your calculator does not function, how good you are doing your basic arithmetic calculations either using your memory or a pen and a paper? One may argue, use your mobile phone�s calculator function to perform the same calculation. It is not the point. I want to see the challenge, how good you are doing some simple calculation without using any electronic device. To understand this, I would recommend you to write down first ten prime numbers in a piece of paper vertically, and try to derive the total of those numbers without using a calculator. Make sure you note down start time and end time. So that, you know the time taken to calculate the total. Then, do the same addition using a calculator. Again note down how long it took for you to perform it. Which approach took the longest time? For an average student, manual method may take considerably a longer time than the calculator assisted method since the present younger generation is very familiar with electronic gadgets like calculators.

Assume that your calculator is misplaced and your mobile phone�s battery is dead. But still you have to do the above mentioned calculation; find the sum of first ten prime numbers. What would be your 1st approach? There are three obvious choices. Choice one is search for the missing calculator. Second choice is recharge your mobile phone for few minutes and use the phone�s calculator function. Third choice is adding the numbers manually. You may suggest more choices. However, I believe for most of you, the last choice would be adding the numbers manually.
What I described above is a typical example of technology addiction. Even for a simplest thing that you can do with your basic skills, you tempt to depend upon technology.
Similarly, what about addicting to the Internet, social media, computers, computer games, smart phones and tablets? I will elaborate such areas in detail on forthcoming articles.
Source: The Internet

.M. D. N. Fernando (CISSP) : Manager � Infrastructure, Cargils Ceylon PLC.
Freelance writer specialising in preventing technology addiction.




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