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   ISSUE 1

15  AUGUST  2011

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Seven Safety Tips in Using Free e-mail Services


Nowadays everyone needs an e-mail address and almost everyone has one mostly due to free e-mail services. But how many of us are concerned about the safety of our e-mail account?  These are few tips we suggest you to follow in order to make your e-mail account safe.

1.  Creating an e-mail account

There are numerous e-mail service providers giving away free e-mail services with varying benefits to the users. It is safe to use a well known service provider because of the stability of the service would be a concern in the long run. However since these services are free there is no guarantee for the safety of your mail.  Do not store personal photos, confidential documents, etc in the mail account.  Send copies of your important mails to a reliable account, save to a disk etc. 

2.  Using the right type of password  

Having the right kind of password is a critical step in creating an e-mail account for you. In some e-mail services like Google the strength of the password is shown as you type.  

When you are selecting a password remember to:

 a.   have 8 or more characters to your password  

 b.   use a combination of letters numbers and special characters   

c.  Do not use easily guessable words

example: yourname@123, product names,     phone number, date of birth, etc  

3.  Choosing the correct security question  

In case you lost access to your e-mail account there is a way to recover it by contacting the mail service provider and giving the correct answer to your security question. But here also you can see some of the answers to the security question is easily guessable if the person knows about your background etc.    

Therefore you can use an uncommon question or write your own question and answer which is the safest.   

4.  To recover you need a recovery mail  

Always have a recovery mail address associated to the e-mail account in case you lost access to your e-mail account through hacking or forgetting the password etc. Always remember once your account is compromised a recovery mail address is essential to regain access.  

5.  Watch account activity  

Some e-mail services provide a simple table with account activity details which is quite useful to

detect any unusual logins. Further they have introduced the concept of registering your mobile number or even the land line to confirm changes to the account. 

6.  Keep a backup of your contact list separately 

It becomes very useful when you face a situation where your account is compromised and the hacker is sending scam mails by your name. To mitigate the situation the first thing you should do is inform your contacts about the scam using your backup contact list.   

7.  Do not fall for scams  

Some email users have lost money to bogus offers that arrived as spam in their in-box. Con artists are very cunning; they know how to make their claims seem legitimate. Some spam messages ask for your business, others invite you to a website with a detailed pitch. Either way, these tips can help you avoid spam scams.

Kanishka Yapa, Sri Lanka CERT|CC

Google's Two-Step Authentication Goes Worldwide.    John Ribeiro | July 28, 2011                     

British police arrested a teenager believed to be a leader of computer hacking groups that boasted attacks on the networks of the CIA, Sony and Rupert Murdoch's media empire.    LONDON | Wed Jul 27, 2011

Illegal acts using facebook: Over 1,000 complaints in past 10months.                                      Daily News | Tue Aug 2, 2011

Social Media Scammers Impersonate Service Members Social Media Division, U.S. Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs

Month in Brief

Facebook Incidents Reported to Sri Lanka CERT|CC in July 2011


Fake + Harassment 77 %
Hacked 16 %
Abuse 4 %
Other 3 %



73 %


 27 %

Statistics - Sri Lanka CERT|CC


False facebook, Skype, e-mail login pages

The following fake Facebook website link was shared through the Facebook Wall and Skype. It is shared by saying that there is a video of you in this site. When the credentials are entered, the site gives out an error. But in the backend of the page, credentials are e-mailed to the attacker.


Android Malware Utilizing a Root Exploit                                                 www.f-secure.com

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- 10 Hambantota Zonal Edu. office
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