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   ISSUE 73

28 August 2017

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Best Practices to use internet

What is Cyber Space?

Cyberspace is the Internet. We use the Internet in many ways - to talk to our friends and family, play video games, download music, watch TV shows, and much more. Our families use the Internet to conduct work and business. Companies manage transportation, electricity, banking, and other important everyday activities online. Can you imagine the world without the Internet?

But there are few best practices and ethics to follow when we use internet and devices related to information technology. Make sure the connection is https before you enter your login credentials for a website.


And try to use different passwords for your online accounts. As an example, don�t use your Gmail or Hotmail password as your Facebook or twitter password and always try to use strong passwords which are hard to guess as an example never use your pet name or friend�s name as a password. And the most important thing is never share your password with anyone. We don�t share our toothbrush with anyone. Don leave your pc or mobile device unlocked. Lock it with a pattern or a password as a best practice.

Always try to use two factor authentications for your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter and mail accounts.

Be mindful of what you reveal online specially on social medias. You don�t know who is watching you. So, you must be very careful when you post something online. Think about how many real friends you have on your social media account be careful when you talk with strangers. And if there�s any sign about bulling inform your parents.


And don�t use pirated versions of software�s as it may contain malicious scripts attached, backdoors for hackers to access your device. And the other important thing is never skip operating system or software updates security updates and patches. Always try to use an antimalware software and keep it up to date.

Remember that responsible companies like banks and other services like PayPal will never ask for your passwords through emails so if there is a suspicious email in your inbox never reveal your sensitive information it could be a phishing attempt. Don�t get hooked. Never respond to email requests for your passwords.

Always keep a backup of your important data as a best practice so that you can use it in case you lose your data. Because malwares like ransomwares are very common these days. Factory reset your mobile phone, full format your pc before you give them for repairs.

Everything on the internet are not true so check for reliable sources before you read something. Don�t open files that ends in .exe unless you know who sent it.

And the most important thing is don�t get addicted to social medias and other gaming activities. It�ll affect your mental and physical health too. Go out and play with your friends spent more time with your family members.


Akhila Shan Keerthisinghe

Shan is an undergraduate of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology who is currently following BSc(Hons) IT Specializing Cyber Security. Currently he is working as Intern - Information Security Engineer at Sri Lanka CERT|CC

























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