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   ISSUE 38

19 September 2014

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Securing your Thumb Drive

Thumb drives also known as USB drives are popular for storing and transporting files from one computer to another. Since these devices are small, inexpensive and extremely portable an attacker can use your USB device to attack your company network.

Many people take precautions to secure their Facebook and other social media accounts but they forget to take security precautions for their removable devices. However, protecting these handy devices for data security is something, about which most of us aren�t familiar with Isn�t it?. We tend to put all our personal data and valuable company details into a thumb drive and if goes into wrong hands, can result into loss and misuse of your own personal data. There have been many such incidents that have been reported to us which could have been avoided by a simple security precaution.


The very first thing you should do is to buy a removable media from a recognized company. If you buy thumb drives from the pavement which is much cheaper than the regular price you may get malware�s also. The next thing you should do is write protecting your pen drive; using the write protector switch of your USB drive, if it has one, you can make it read only. However, if the write protector switch is missing, you can use a write protector software to make your USB non writable. This technique can save your drive from being infected by viruses, when plugged into a computer system. .Create An Encrypted Partition inside your USB device. Encryption of USB drives is an efficient way to prevent third parties from accessing your sensitive data, even if they have physical access to your drive. The other main thing that you need to do is to password Protection: Although, there are different techniques to password protect a USB drives, the most common way is to simply set a password for your drive. This means every time you access your drive, it asks for the password first. You can also use online software�s for such purpose.

Always remember to keep personal and business USB drives separate. Do not use personal USB drives on computers owned by your organization, and does not plug USB drives containing corporate information into your personal computer.
Never plug an unknown USB drive into your computer unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing and if you ever found a USB drive give it to the appropriate authorities and don�t try to plug it to your personnel computer.

Remember to disable Autorun in your computer. The Autorun feature causes removable media such as CDs, DVDs, and USB drives to open automatically when they are inserted into a drive. By disabling Autorun, you can prevent malicious code on an infected USB drive from opening automatically. Microsoft has provided a wizard to disable Autorun which can be easily found in their website.






Charith Shalitha De Alwis

Charith is an undergraduate of of the University of Colombo School of Computing who is currently following Bachelor of Computer Science(CS) Currently he is working as Intern - Information Security Engineer at Sri Lanka CERT|CC.



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Workshop for provincial and Zonal Directors and ICT Coordinators on re-engineering Provincial and Zonal ICT centers

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