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   ISSUE 18

17 January 2013

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Local Ad click, behind the scene �


Anil : "Hello, Suresh I found a simple way to earn some money from Internet. Easily you can earn a lot from it."

Suresh : "Oh is it? What�s that, how can I get into it?"

Anil : "Don�t worry Suresh; just come to my home tomorrow evening I am going to do a small program on this. Most of our friends are also coming��.. And what you will need to do is just clicking the ads��"

Perhaps you may have experienced these kinds of statements from your office colleagues, friends, and relatives. However these kinds of Internet money scams are being spread rapidly among the society. Sometimes there are some introductory courses too. Most recent trend is Local Ad Click. This is a way of earning money by clicking ads according to their point of view.

Let�s see what the local Ad click is, it�s generally published on web "http://localadclick.net/". To join, you would need to pay $500 for a Ad click dealer and get the gold membership of localadclick.net site. The membership is valid only for 14 months. After the registration you will be provided 20 ads per month and you have to view them. For that you will be paid $200 per month. And only for first month there is no payment. This is how the Local Ad Click is carried out. Other than this; members can introduce the business to others and get them joined. For each such registration they will be paid around $50. For this process there are dealers all around the Country.

Unfortunately, user cannot get what they expect. Most of the people who joined with this recently are telling that they cannot get money by viewing the ads. In reality this local Ad Click is a pyramid scam. The top members of this pyramid / tree will get a lot and others are getting nothing. This company is a fake organization created only for this purpose and has spread among 64 countries. All the members are registered in a tree like module.

For example person" X" is registered by person "A" and then person "X" can register Person "Y". Likewise pyramid system is going on. In local ad click, all the Sri Lankan members are registered under a person in Dubai. Hence for getting the membership $500 fee should be paid to that person through the dealer. Then he will provide you a pin and using that pin you can register on the site. During registration and payment you have to provide your bank account details, and such information through an application form. When user asks about the way of earning money they are telling a story like this� "world reputed companies like Mercedes Benz, LG, KFC, Toyota need to advertise their products and so the advertising job has given to the company (localadclick.net) therefore what the members need to do is just watching those ads and make clients satisfy about their advertisement ratings." This does not make any sense, do you believe such companies will invest money on these kinds of foxy advertising agency. They even do not gain any sales from this.

What actually happens is this. It is so simple. These fellows act like a marketing agency which gains a lot of advertisements from reputed companies and steal your money, but how do they perform this? They get money as a 14 months deposit and then in the first month you will not be paid. After that they will pay you from your money for few months. While people are increasing they can balance your payment from other�s money too; but this works only for the top members. Due to these payments top members will share this with others. Unfortunately most of the people get in to this and they may have 2 or 3 months payments only or may never get paid at all. Most recent people are ones who are in bottom part of the pyramid hence they will never get paid.

Therefore please do not waste your money on these kinds of frauds. If you need money then of course you should work hard. Your valuable money will be taken by scammers who become billionaires and finally you???

S.A.M Karunarathna

Manujaya works as an Intern � IS Engineering at Sri Lanka CERT|CC and is following B.Eng(Hons) - Software Engineering degree in IIT(SL).







Threat of the Week: Mobile DDoS  
  By Robert McGarvey | January 8, 2013   

The image is starkly frightening. Picture tens of millions essentially unprotected mobile phones and tablet computers that are conscripted by cyber crooks into a zombie botnet army and put to work overwhelming your credit union�s network with meaningless data in a mobile Distributed Denial of Service attack.

But here�s the question: is this science fiction or fact?

Experts disagree.


India's tough hacker crackdown: IT security leaflets with every device

  By Phil Muncaster | 14th January 2013 05:49 GMT  

' '....India is forcing hardware vendors to include a security awareness brochure with all desktop PCs, mobile phones and USB modems......'

Firefox 18 Brings 21 Updates, Fixes Nearly 3000 Bugs  
  By Christopher Brook | January 9, 2013, 1:11PM  

Developers at Mozilla have pushed out the latest build of their flagship Firefox browser, fixing several security and stability issues for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms.

2917 bugs were patched in total, while 21 security updates -- 12 critical, seven high, one moderate � are addressed in Firefox 18.


Month in Brief

Facebook Incidents Reported to Sri Lanka CERT|CC in December 2012


  Fake + Harassment



Statistics - Sri Lanka CERT|CC



Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2013-0422

'....Oracle has released Java Update 11 which addresses the 0-day vulnerability outlined in CVE-2013-0422......'

Fake LinkedIn notifications lead to phishing and malware
  Posted on 11.01.2013

'....LinkedIn users are once again targeted with a massive and widespread spam campaign that takes the form of a notification about a supposedly received message from a potential new connection:.....''

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