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   ISSUE 15

15 October 2012

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Japan, ASEAN, team up for cyber defense

Japan is planning to deploy a cyber defense network consisting of Japan and ten ASEAN countries.

According to The Daily Yomiuri, this step was taken after a series of cyber attacks on government web sites and corporations in this region which was believed to be originated from China. 

According to ZDnet, the Japanese government plans to,

Share information on cyber attack patterns and technologies that can be used to defend against these originated attacks.
Assess the effectiveness of the system for the current fiscal year.
A system to aid the communication between security officials of each country in order to share information on cyber attacks.
Create joint counter-measures when an attack is reported. 

Moreover, the defense ministry of Japan revealed plans on deploying a cyber defense force to fight these cyber attacks and gather information on computer viruses to study methods of counter attack.

Why use such a system?

We live in an age where it is almost impossible to carry out our daily tasks without the help of the World Wide Web. The nature of this medium changed our way of lives completely and there is no argument about that. Businesses made easy via e-commerce, boundaries of the social lives of individuals� broken, help on any subject area at the finger tips of the user, the usage of the internet is unlimited. From the figure, we can see how it grew over the past five years and the percentage of the users� continent wise, where Asia shares more than 50% of the internet population.

[source: http://hackmageddon.com/2012/10/08/september-2012-cyber-attacks-statistics/]

The Yomiuri Shimbun reports that the ASEAN countries would be interested on the cyber defense network because their protection against the rising numbers of cyber attacks haven�t kept up with the increased use of the computer equipment that has accompanied economic development. 

A defense network of the said sort would ensure a more secure web surfing environment and a sound knowledgebase for those facilitate the use of the internet.

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H. Hasitha Shan 

Hasitha is a student of Informatics Institute of Technology undertaking the B.Eng (Hons) in Software Engineering (in collaboration with University of Westminster). He currently works as an intern at Sri Lanka CERT|CC .



Telecom Giant Orange Hacked, Data leaked by #NullCrew

  By Lee J | Published October 7th, 2012

Recently I wrote about the threat landscape in the European Union (part 1, 2, 3) and Africa.  This series of articles is focused on threats in select locations in Asia (Vietnam, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan) and Oceania (Australia and New Zealand).  I am focusing on these locations as they were the most active locations in the region during the second half of 2011 (2H11). 

Sri Lankan team enters Global CyberLympics World Finals


Sri Lankan team �WhiteHat�, having survived stiff competition from regional giants from the Asia Pacific region, entered the Global CyberLympics world finals to be held in Miami, Florida in October. 

The Global CyberLympics is a not-for-profit initiative of the EC-Council Foundation supported by the Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Its goal is to raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in information security through a series of cyber competitions that encompass forensics, ethical hacking and defence. The mission statement of the Global CyberLympics is �Unifying Global Cyber Defence through the Games�.

The regional qualifying rounds of the competition were conducted in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Middle-East and the Asia Pacific. The Sri Lankan team came out on top in the Asia Pacific region to reach the finals.




Hacker group RedHack faces up to 24 years in prison for terrorist crimes

  By Mohit Kumar | 10/09/2012 09:31:00 AM

As part of an investigation launched by Başsavcıvekilliği in Ankara on March 20 arrested seven people, including college students. 13 of the indictment prepared by the prosecutor's office in Ankara Was adopted by the High Criminal Court.

Firefox browser in upgrade-downgrade confusion with version 16
  by Paul Ducklin | October 11, 2012
  Firefox shipped version 16 earlier this week.

Month in Brief

Facebook Incidents Reported to Sri Lanka CERT|CC in September 2012


  Fake + Harassment



Statistics - Sri Lanka CERT|CC



Microsoft Fixes Critical Word Flaw in Patch Tuesday Update
By Brian Prince | October 09, 2012

Microsoft has patched a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Word in today's Patch Tuesday. 

Malware targets bargain hunters
By Brian Prince | October 09, 2012

They say the best things in life are free. There's another saying about when stealing, you get what you deserve. When it comes to software, that's more than what you bargained for. Or so claims Microsoft, which warns malware writers increasingly exploit people's desire to get for free something they should pay for.

Security challenges at universities
Dan Kaplan | October 01, 2012

It didn't take long for Sanjeev Sah, who was hired last fall as CISO of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, to feel like a freshman again. 

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