Vulnerability in Facebook Messenger for Windows

  • CERT Admin
  • Fri Jun 26 2020
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Systems Affected

Facebook Messenger Desktop Application version 460.16


This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute malicious files already present on a compromised system.


According to the researchers this vulnerability application triggers a call to load Windows Powershell from the location of "C:python27". This path automatically creates when installing python version 2.7 which does not commonly exist in most windows installations.

An attacker could hijack such calls to load potentially non-existence resources to covertly execute malware to gain persistence and extended access to the system.


✻ Possibility of exposing confidential information to unauthorized parties

✻ System could be infected with malware

Solution/ Workarounds

Upgrade to the latest Facebook Messenger Desktop version 480.5






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Last updated: Fri Jun 26 2020