Sri Lanka CERT became a member of the steering committee of APCERT

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  • Sat Sep 28 2019
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Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team(APCERT) was established in the year 2003. APCERT have an operational focus on cyber security and open to all suitably qualified CERTs and CSIRTs in the Asia Pacific region.

Sri Lanka CERT became a Full Member of the Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) in March 2009.

The APCERT Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference of 2019 was held at the Grand Capthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore from 28th September to the 2nd October 2019. As in previous years, the event was organized with the intention of providing APCERT members a common meeting place to discuss their experiences and problems and share newly gained Information Security knowledge, be it technical, procedural or organizational.

As in the past Sri Lanka CERT represented several working groups which will help develop APCERT policies for domains such as membership, information sharing and information classification, Secure digital payments, training etc.

Rohana Palliyaguru , Director- Operations of Sri Lanka CERT, was in the APCERT 2019 conference program committee.

Ravindu Meegasmulla, Associate Information Security Engineer of Sri Lanka CERT, delivered a presentation Windows Registry Analysis-Dark Corners ofat the open conference.

Windowson At the annual general meeting of APCERT, Sri Lanka CERT|CC was elected to the steering committee of APCERT for the term 2019-2021. The other steering committee members are Cybersecurity Malaysia (chair), CNCERT/CC( Deputy Chair), JPCERT (Secretariat), ACSC, KrCERT/CC and TWNCERT. 

Last updated: Sat Sep 28 2019