Cyber Security Landscape in Sri Lanka

  • CERT Admin
  • Mon Feb 26 2018
  • Cyber Guardian Blog


 ‘International Telecommunication Union (ITU) assesses individual countries commitment towards the implementation of cyber security related initiatives. Among the 193 ITU member countries, Sri Lanka ranked 72 in the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) in the year 20166. GCI assesses a country’s overall commitment towards cyber security in relation to six different dimensions, namely (a) legal, (b) technical, (c) capacity building, (d) organizational, and (e) cooperation dimensions6. Our performance in each dimension is assessed and rated either as initiating, maturing, or leading. Sri Lanka’s overall performance is rated as maturing.  

 a. LEGAL: We are Initiating
Assessed with reference to the existence of legislation on cybercrime and cybersecurity , and legal training.  

b. TECHNICAL: We are Maturing

Assessed with reference to the existence of technical institutions and frameworks for dealing with cybersecurity related issues. 

c. CAPACITY BUILDING: We are Maturing
Measured based on the existence of research and development, education and training programs, certified professionals and public sector agencies fostering capacity building 

d. ORGANIZATIONAL: We are Maturing
Assessed based on the existence of institutions for policy formulation and coordination, and strategies for cybersecurity development at the national level  

e. COOPERATION: We are Initiating
Measured based on the existence of partnerships, cooperative frameworks and information sharing networks  



Dr. Kanishka Karunasena,
Research and Policy Development Specialist, Sri Lanka CERT


Last updated: Mon Feb 26 2018